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tv   KTVU News at 830pm  FOX  November 30, 2012 8:30pm-9:00pm PST

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no, hogan. first down cardinal. >> charles: look at david shaw pound, pound, pound. >> gus: and ucla out of time-outs with 4:20 to go. >> charles: this ball should not be snapped. look at everybody ucla looking this way, looking inside. hogan able to get to the outside. ball control paramount, right? security. he slides down to ensure he doesn't get hit and fumble the football. now let's see where they snap the football on the play clock. it should be inside of four seconds every time. >> gus: there's a lot of time remaining in this game if ucla can come up with a stop. >> charles: can stanford even think about throwing the ball? if you do, it's something that's probably got a run/pass option for hogan with the idea that if it's not entirely wide open,
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you hold it. >> gus: kevin hogan, the redshirt freshman from virginia. charles davis, gus johnson, julie alexandria and petro papdakis here in palo alto. this is the pac-12 championship, the winner advancing to the rose bowl. second and nine. no time-outs for ucla. taylor, and jumped from behind. now a third down and long. here's where the chess match gets very ticklish. >> charles: don't forget this, stanford doesn't have their normal punter. ben rhyne, a youngster, might have to come into the game and punt the football away to try to help the field position if stanford can't pick it up here on third and long. >> gus: third down and
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ni nine. hogan in the shotgun. ucla desperate to get off the field. >> charles: took too long. >> referee: before the play clock expired, time-out stanford. their first of the half. 30-second time-out. >> charles: that came from the bench. david shaw saw the play clock winding down. they didn't break the huddle until they were 11 seconds left in the play clock. protecting his redshirt freshman quarterback, called the time-out. >> gus: two time-outs remaining for david shaw and the cardinal. no time-outs for ucla. don't forget immediately after our game is over, the at&t fox pac-12 championship postgame show will follow us. erin and the boys. in studio a to break it all down.
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>> charles: and they have got to sleep fast because we're going to do it again tomorrow night. >> gus: biggest play of the match thus far. third down and nine for stanford at the 40. hogan looking, underneath. no, tevin mcdonald breaks it up. the clock stops at 2:25 and the cardinal will punt it away. now remember, ucla almost blocked a stanford punt last week, and the bruins blocked six kicks in the two weeks before that. a field goal and a pun versus usc and two field goals and two punts versus washington state. >> charles: on the one they almost blocked, that's the play zychlinski got hurt. >> gus: stanford gets it away.
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shaq evans gets it. 2:18 to play in the pac-12 championship. high drama. here comes brett hundley. when you lost the thing you can't believe you lost. when what you just bought, just broke. or when you have a little trouble a long way from home... as an american express cardmember you can expect some help. but what you might not expect, is you can get all this >> gus: hundley races back and tripped up after a two-yard gain. >> charles: remember, no time-outs for ucla at all. that means first downs and sidelines for any stoppage in play. >> gus: second and eight at the 21.
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hundley to the sideline caught. trying to get out of bounds and can't. where do they need to go, charles, to get in fairbairn range? a flag on the play at the 13. >> charles: he made a 48-yarder last week to increase his confidence. >> referee: personal foul, roughing the passer, late hit by number 93 of the defense. 15 yards will be aed to the end of the play. first down. >> gus: costly penalty by trent murphy. >> charles: the ball is gone and he takes him to the ground. shawn hochuli is right on the call. has to throw the flag on that one, quarterback is being protected. >> gus: so first down at the 41. breathing room. no time-outs for the bruins. 1:41 to go. hundley, hundley looking, now he'll run and dive forward and get to the 45. chase thomas there.
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>> charles: they used chase thomas as a spy on that one. >> gus: where do they need to go to get to fairbairn range? >> charles: 48 yards his long of the year. i think he can kick it up to 50, 52. >> gus: 35 yard line. second and six. hundley unleashes up top. fauria the intended receiver. and that brings up third down and six. >> charles: that's a big play by number 15. look at him, he's not seeing the football, but he read the eyes of fauria and the hands of fauria. when they went up, his hand went up between them to help knock the ball away. >> gus: hundley has to be more decisive. if he sees the crease, he's got to go and get the first down. third and six. there he is to the sideline. johnathan franklin drops it. and it brings up
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fourth down and six. i wonder if he took a peek and saw terrence brown coming for him. that would have been a heck of a collision near the first down marker. fourth and six, pac-12 championship on the line. do or die here for ucla. who's going to make a play? hundley in the gun. the redshirt freshman. hundley looking, hundley -- caught fauria, first down bruins. and he flips it and gets to the 40. what a dangerous play! gary johnson holds on. >> charles: fortunate. all he had to do was possess the football. they had the first down. he tried to do more than was necessary. >> gus: fairbairn warming up. they're close to his range. they need five yards. and with 47 seconds to
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go, hundley spikes it. >> charles: remember, we're making an estimate on fairbairn. that 48-yarder he hit last week, that one had some range on it. they're hopeful that his confidence is up after making that. remember jim mora had him kick it. that was to give him confidence. >> gus: remember how he started his year at rice. a lot of extra points blocked. remember, he didn't make a field goal last week over 36, 35 yards until this past weekend. second down and ten. hundley delivers, caught and out of bounds by devin fuller. so now you would think that jim mora jr. is in fairbairn range but he wants more. >> charles: a lot of defensive coordinators do when you're guarding the 35 yard line for field goals. this is where they increase pressure and decide to bring people at the quarterback. let's see if derek mason does. he's played coverage all the way downfield
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here. let's see if he changes up on this now. >> gus: let's see if hundley takes a shot. hundley underneath. gary johnson the intended receiver. and now jim mora will sending the field goal unit on. ka'imi fairbairn a freshman from hawaii. last week he kicked a season-long 48-yarder. this one will be from about 51 yards away for the tie. good snap, clean hold. wide.
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not the best snap. and stanford is in victory formation. the stanford cardinal will advance to the rose bowl for the first time since 1999. young david shaw masterful in a hard-fought effort by jim mora's ucla bruins. stanford 11-2, winners of the pac-12 north and the pac-12
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champion, heading to pasadena. >> charles: and it was a tough snap. they did a nice job getting it down but you see everything is off just a little bit, unable to convert. stanford wins it all. >> gus: 27-24, what a game, folks. the pac-12 championship, as the stanford cardinal continue their amazing run. seven consecutive wins. let's take a look at tonight's jared, the gallery of jewelry diamond moment of the game. and once again, it goes to jordan williamson. >> charles: now two of the last three games they have needed him for the big one. he did it in overtime in oregon, he did it
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at home here against ucla to win a pac-12 championship. he can let the fiesta bowl go completely now. let it go. >> gus: 27-24 the final. stanford, pac-12 champions. and on the sideline with the victoria redshirt freshman quarterback here is petros. >> petros: talk about leading this team, you're 4-0 as the starter. what kind of ride has it been down the stretch for you now? >> it's been unbelievable this ride. you know, i've got great teammates around me. they make my job a lot easier. you saw that play by drew and that was all him. and, you know, it's just a great feeling. great for our seniors. they brought our program this far and it's nice to be able to go to the rose bowl. >> petros: how much tougher was this ucla football team the second time around? they really took it to
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you? >> yeah, they had a great plan. their defensive coaches did a great job preparing them and made our jobs a lot harder. on the third down pass plays, their corners and safeties, you know, took away our tight ends and took away the flat, but in the end i can't say enough about our squad. >> petros: congratulations, mr. hogan, you deserve it. >> gus: he delivered in his first four starts, all wins against ranked teams and he's heading to the rose bowl. 27-24 the final. the celebration just beginning. here's erin andrews in l.a. >> erin: coming up on the postgame, we'll head back out to palo alto for the trophy presentation to the stanford cardinal plus eddie and joey will give their thoughts on a great game between stanford and ucla right after this. ♪ that one daddy! it's beautiful. i'm the world's greatest douglas fir. i'm the perfect shape, i'm the perfect color,
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victory over ucla. congratulations, they are your 2012 pac-12 champion as we welcome you to the at&t pac-12 championship postgame show. coming up after the break, we'll take you back out to palo alto for the pac-12 championship trophy presentation. it's all coming up. what's better -- bigger or smaller? bigger! bigger! bigger! bigger! so, which would you rather have -- a big treehouse or a small treehouse? if it's big enough, you can have a disco. oh, yeah! why do you not want a smaller treehouse? because it wouldn't be able to fit a flat-screen tv, and then the tv would be about this big, and you would have to hold the wire, and the position you would hold the wire, you wouldn't be able to see the tv. that's a pain in the buns. yeah. yeah. yeah. yeah. [ male announcer ] it's not complicated. bigger is better. and at&t has the nation's largest 4g network. ♪
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>> erin: welcome back to the at&t pac-12 championship postgame show. it's time for the trophy presentation. let's toss it out to our charles davis in palo alto. >> charles: thank you very much, erin andrews. hello, stanford. i do believe -- it is time to present a championship trophy. in order to do that, i'd like to invite the commissioner of the pac-12, mr. larry scott, and the president of the tournament of
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roses, miss allie bigsby to come down here. commissioner scott, i believe you get to do the honors about what's going on here. >> first i'd like to thank stanford university for doing such a great job hosting the pac-12 championship game. it gives me tremendous amount of pleasure to congratulate coach shaw and the stanford cardinal on being the 2012 pac-12 champions and to get the pac-12 championship trophy. >> charles: coach shaw, taking the team to the rose bowl, this game was a grinder compared to what you had just a week ago but you told me in your office just a couple days ago that in order to get into stanford, you have a bunch of kids who know how to finish. did he see that tonight? >> there's no question. there's no question. it can't replace mental and physical toughness in this game.
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you can't replace mental and physical toughness at stanford university. they have got to be tough, they have got to be smart and finish what you start. >> charles: ladies and gentlemen, coach david shaw, the pac-12 coach of the year and coach of the champions of the pac-12 stanford. commissioner, it's now time to present the mvp of tonight's game. >> it gives me great pleasure to present the pac-12 championship game mvp trophy to kevin hogan. [ cheers and applause ] >> charles: kevin, redshirt freshman, you took over, you're now 4-0 as a starter. you're taking your team to pasadena.
8:54 pm
is it possible for you to describe the journey you've been on this year with this team? >> we knew we were capable of it. these guys on offense make my job a whole lot easier and having a great defense, getting the ball back for us, you know, it's a great journey. i'm happy to go to pasadena. >> well, not exactly going overboard with the emotion, but you know he's feeling it. kevin hogan, the mvp of the championship game. congratulations to the stanford cardinal, the 2012 pac-12 champions. they're going back to pasadena for the first time since the 2000 rose bowl. erin andrews, back to you in the studio in los angeles. >> erin: charles, thanks so much. congratulations to stanford. a athletes and coaches that play for stanford. plenty more to come on the at&t pac-12 championship postgame show. we'll break it down and talk about much more coming up after the break. sfx- "sounds of african drum and flute"
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>> erin: we welcome you back to the at&t pac-12 championship postgame show. you saw throughout the game there david shaw said keep pounding, keep pounding, keep pounding. the cardinal did and now they are going to the rose bowl. who will stanford play in the rose bowl? we'll find out tomorrow in the big ten championship game right here on fox, as college football's all-time leader in touchdowns, montee ball, leads the wisconsin badgers against
8:58 pm
taylor martinez and the nebraska cornhuskers. coverage of the big ten championship begins at 7:30 eastern, 4:30 pacific tomorrow right here on fox. and we welcome you back inside. erin andrews, eddie george, joey harrington. kevin hogan named mvp and he said ucla had a great game plan for us and they were a tougher bruins team, but the cardinal prevail here. >> eddie: a great job again by david shaw all year long. i think he's one of the best coaches out there and it shows because he's the pac-12 coach of the year. they took ucla's best shot and they never waivered. they're lost focus. they found ways to make plays and put them in position to win at the end. >> joey: credit ucla making some great adjustments from last week. it's funny how a 201-yard performance by johnathan franklin really got overshad owed by one interception. that was the momentum changer. >> erin: all right. on behalf of eddie george, joey
8:59 pm
harrington, i'm erin andrews, good night, everyone. we will see you here tomorrow for what, the big ten championship. can't wait. we'll find out who stanford will play in the rose bowl. see you tomorrow.


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